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May 2  Update

To: Hindu Temple of Fresno Community

From: Raj Banka, Chairman of the Board
Hindu Temple of Fresno

Dear Devotees:

Our campaign to raise funds to purchase Kavachas is currently ongoing. Thanks to the generosity of donors (listed below), we have already raised $ 25656 of the total $30,000 needed.

We still need to raise an additional $4344.  Every dollar of your donation will make the moorthis and temple look even more beautiful. Your generosity is always appreciated.
The plan is to acquire the following:

  • Bala Ji Kwachas includes=Paada upto nadu'front waist,4 hasta/kireeta.Prabhavali 6inch wide,karna patra, vaksha&peetha 11 pieces
  • Sakthi Ganapathi Kwachas includes=Silver full cover from peetha
  • Shiva Lingam Kavachas includes= Nagabharana, Tripundra & Netra
  • Bala Subramanyam Kavachas includes= Full cover with Prabhavli
  • Nandi Kavachas includies = Full cover with horn
  • All silver kavachas are decorated with stones(red/white stone)

Thank you.


Narinder Singh
Raj Banka
Satya Mahanty
Subodh   Baadkar
Shobjit/Sunjeet Baadkar
Devi Pondicherry
Jyosthna Swarna
Harpreet Bali
Vasantha Shantaram
Arul Kumar
Gade Aruna
Gade Sujata
Dr. Vadyala
Usha Chalasani
Reddy Umapathi
Rambabu Adapa
Brahma Bull
Jyosthna swarna
Rama Ambati
Reddy Umapathi
Avula Reddy
Harpreet Bali
Sharda Voora
Jhansi Reddy
Nagabhushana Malakala
Ram Nunna
Venu Gopal
Sarala Sadda
Ratna Narala



The Appeal

To: Hindu Temple of Fresno Community

From: Raj Banka, Chairman of the Board
Hindu Temple of Fresno

Dear Devotees:

Pranams, With your cooperation and generous financial support we were able to complete the temple construction last year. The Moorthi Committee put in a lot of thought and effort in the selection and purchase of Moorthis installed in the temple.
When we ordered the Krishna Shila (black stone) moorthis of Ganesh Ji, Shiv Ji, Balaji, and Kartikeya Ji, it was suggested by many devotees that traditional decoration of the moorthis with silver Kavachas (shields) as well as ornaments were necessary. However for financial reasons the "Kavacha" project was kept on hold till the temple construction project was completed. However the molds required to make custom fit Kavacha for each deity were made in Bangalore and stored for future use before shipping the Moorthis to USA.

Now that the temple construction is complete, the idea of getting Kavachas was brought up by some devotees. Several individuals expressed interest in participating in the fund raising efforts for the Kavachas. The management of the temple made some preliminary estimates for all four shila Moorthis and other decorative pieces of ornaments that go with it. The estimated total cost total is approximately $30,000.00.

The Moorthi Sub-Committee is still working on final cost.for Kavachas for following mootthis::
2.Shivji parivar,
4. Kartikeyaji

We are requesting devotees to contribute generously to this project in the suggested amounts of $500, $1000, $1500, $2000 and higher. As usual, your donations are tax deductible. Once we reach 60% of the target amount, we will place the order. If you wish to sponsor any item, completely, you are more than welcome.

Time is of essence and we would like your feedback and donations as soon as possible. If you have any questions, please contact any of the following members of Moorthi Sub-Committee for Kavach.

Thank you for your support

Dr. Raj Banka, Committee Chair
Mrs. Aruna Gade,
Dr. Nagabhushan Malakala,
Srikanth Rao,
Dr & Mrs. Mahanty,
Shri Shankaramanchi Ji (our Priest)